Student View: 16 Year Old Girl Thrown Across Classroom by Resource Officer

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The 16 year old South Carolina student who was thrown to the floor by the school’s resource officer was in fact using her cellphone during math class and subsequently obeyed the orders of putting that cellphone away. However, disciplinary actions that took place by the resource officer were inhumane and to severe for her minor misbehavior.

The measures he took could have easily been avoided and the girl did nothing to provoke such abuse.

As previously stated, the student in question was using her cellphone but had put it away when the teacher asked. When the teacher and vice principal ordered her to go outside, the student’s noncompliance to their instructions caused the school resource officer, Senior Deputy Ben Field to be called in to handle the situation.

She refused to leave the classroom because she thought it was unfair and she had already put her phone away but was still being asked to leave.

After not following Field’s instructions to once again leave, the officer decided to deal with the complication in a drastic, physical way that led to damaging consequences not only for the student but for the officer himself. By wrapping his arm around her neck and trying to pull her out of her desk, her desk flipped backward onto the floor with her still in it. He then dragged the student out of her desk, threw her across the room like a rag doll and arrested her for disturbing the class.

Due to officer Fields forcibly removing the student and using inappropriate force, she now has a cast on her right arm, a swollen neck, back, and shoulder, and also a carpet burn on her forehead.

Todd Rutherford, the attorney of the student stated, “She wasn’t yelling. She wasn’t disrupting the class. She wasn’t a threat to anyone.”

This proves that instead of blaming the student for being a distraction, the officer was the one being disrespectful and disruptive to the class.

During the episode many students were shocked and speechless but quickly scrambled to video tape the officer. Although many of her classmates didn’t know her to well, they wanted to stick up for her in any way they could.

After the police department saw Fields’ behavior, he was immediately fired for using improper enforcement and violating department policy and training.

Furthermore, what’s more disheartening is that Fields blamed the student, claiming she started it.  As a resource officer his job is to protect students and be a role model not to be harmful or cruel.

Many who have seen the video describe it as unbelievable and disturbing to watch.

The student has been “bruised and battered and hurt- physically and emotionally… My thought is that you don’t treat a dog that way, we don’t treat animals like that, let alone children. What happened was wrong, what you might expect to happen in a Third World country.” Rutherford explains.

It’s a shame in today’s world there are people who abuse their power and think they are above the law. Not only did Fields physically injure a 16 year old girl, but he stands by his actions and blames the student. It is up to him to take ownership of his actions, because it is what cost him his job and respect around the community.

Furthermore, after the altercation Fields came back to the classroom and threatened another one of the students in the class after she stool up for the first student.

The second student even said, “I didn’t really even know her name.  She was a quiet girl, but just the fact that she was being thrown like that … I would have stood up like that for a boy or a girl. She didn’t do anything at all to deserve it.”

It is clear the officer was very violent and the student in question was brutally attacked because of his impulsiveness. If only Fields showed a little bit of understanding and compassion, he could have resolved the issue in a different manner.

Although the student was disobeying the officer, if she had a moment to explain why she didn’t comply to his instructions, she would have been able to elaborate on how unfair she was being treated.
Finally, the second student stated, ““I feel like a teenager is going to be a teenager, and a teenager is going to think like a teenager.  Maybe she could have gotten up, but of course she didn’t deserve what she got. Justice has to prevail.”

Overall, this experience is related to many other stories on the news where a cop has abused his or her power, but this incident cannot go overlooked. In fact this is a great example of students standing up for each other when someone is treated unfairly.

As for the authority figures, instead of using their words they use their weapons and strength, jeopardizing their jobs and the safety of others.

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