Annual Trip to Washington DC was a Memorable Experience for the Class of 2021

Andrew Fiore, Staff Reporter

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Westerly students got a taste of our nation’s capital last month, when the Class of 2021 took part in the annual Sophomore trip to Washington D.C. The four day excursion included visits to the most famous landmarks, museums, and sights that the district has to offer.

After an eight hour drive to Union Station for dinner, students went to the Lincoln Memorial and visited the Korean and Vietnam War Memorials. After their first night at the Embassy Suites hotel, the class had a tour of the Capitol building in the morning and then went to Arlington National Cemetery and witnessed the changing of the guard ceremony. This was followed up by a dinner and performance of the interactive play Shear Madness, which was loved by the class. The next day, following an IMAX performance at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, each student chose whether to stay in that museum, or go to either the Natural History or American HIstory Museums, all three of which included some fascinating artifacts from history. From there, the sophomores experienced a very humbling and moving trip to the Holocaust Museum, which showcased one of history’s darker moments. “The victims of the Holocaust were not numbers, they were people. The suffering we have gone through became real,” said sophomore Abby Casey. Afterwards, the class cruised the Potomac River with a dinner, games, and an Air Force One sighting. Then they took a walk through the World War II, Martin Luther King, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Jefferson Memorials, and got to see a beautiful sunset view of the city to cap off the experience.

The trip was certainly one that will be remembered for years. Lily Morrone offered her thoughts, saying “The trip was really fun. I learned so much about our country’s history, and I have a greater appreciation for American history.” Witnessing history with their own eyes seemed to be one of the things that students appreciated most about the experience. “DC not only helped me put a visual aid to my textbook, but the amount of people who died in wars and sacrificed everything were no longer just numbers,” said Casey. “ Westerly High School teaches the history and the DC trip offered a visual hands on experience,” commented Caleb Lupinacci. Jacob Dauphinais believed that the trip lived up to expectations, saying “It really was as great as everyone had said it was.” It was the planned moments and the unplanned moments, such as bonding in the pool and spotting NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick at the American History Museum that made the trip special. “I made really great friendships and created relationships with people that I never thought I would have,” finished Casey. It is those memories and friendships made in Washington that make this tradition so special.

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