Spring Musical Auditions Coming

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Spring Musical Auditions Coming

Alex Celico, Staff Reporter

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On Tuesday, January 15th, the new WHS Theatre Program held a meeting to discuss the spring musical, “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown.” Auditions for the play will be on January 31 from 2:00-5:00 in the Babcock Auditorium. “Charlie Brown” is the second production and first musical at WHS directed by Alana Rader and Jon L. Peacock. In December, they produced “Our Town” by Thornton Wilder in conjunction with the Colonial Theatre.

“You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown” is a classic Broadway musical based on Charles Schulz’s Peanuts comic strips and television specials. With characters such as Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, and Lucy, and songs like “Happiness,” “Suppertime,” and “My New Philosophy,” it is a show for the entire family to enjoy.

For students who wish to participate, singing and/or dancing auditions are January 31st in the Babcock Hall Auditorium from 2:00-5:00. Singers will need to prepare a one-minute song (maximum of two minutes) to sing. Rader recommends singing an upbeat song from a Broadway or movie musical in the style of the show. Call-backs for acting (and further singing auditions) are about a week later. Dance-only, acting-only, and ensemble roles are also available. For more information or specific questions, you may email Rader at: [email protected]

Make sure you find a karaoke or instrumental track on YouTube or otherwise to accompany your singing.  If you cannot find the karaoke version of the song you are hoping to sing and all other options have failed, you can sing it a cappella. If you have a voice teacher or you play piano and can find the sheet music, you might opt to play the piano and record it. You can then use that music while you sing for the audition.

Another thing to consider for auditions is to familiarize yourself with the soundtrack of the musical. This production will be the 1999 Broadway Revival version (which is different than the original Broadway cast album, and includes the addition of Sally’s song, “My New Philosophy”). If you have a Spotify account, you can find this cast recording for free. Think of a character you want to strive for and familiarize yourself with his or her songs.  Choose a song that is in the style of that character.

Here are a few helpful audition tips:

  1. Remember to “act out” your song; do not simply stand still and sing. Keep in mind that a musical involves both singing and acting skills.
  2. Although it may be tempting, try not to stare directly at the directors. Instead, find a few focus points on the back wall to look at as you sing.
  3. Memorize your song, as it demonstrates your commitment and responsibility. (Also, it might be required for the audition.)

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