Westerly Wins!

Westerly Beats Stonington for the Second Straight Year

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Westerly Wins!

Andrew Fiore, Staff Reporter

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A mere two years ago, Stonington won its fifth straight Thanksgiving game, asserting their supremacy in the rivalry. After the 100th Thanksgiving meeting of the teams this past Thursday, that feels like a distant memory. Westerly’s absolute dominance of Stonington in their 61-0 victory proved to officially change the momentum of the series, as it gives the Bulldogs a chance for a three-peat next year.

The game went exactly how every other Bulldogs win has gone; the offense scored early and often, and the defense was lights out. It culminated a fantastic season, and the high school careers of Tristan Turano, Peter Fusaro, Jon Brutcher, Isaiah Luzzi, Jalen Valentin, Josh Lacerte, and the rest of the senior core.

Stonington started the game with the ball, but a fumble gave the Bulldogs a chance for an early lead. After Turano’s ensuing touchdown, Westerly would not look back. Fusaro followed suit with a six point score of his own after a 29 yard punt return, and Turano scored his second of the day just after a 49 yard run by Rocco Cillino. Another Stonington fumble led to the fourth touchdown of the first quarter, which was a 40 yard Turano run.

The second quarter did not start as planned. The Bears’ punt was mishandled, giving them possession deep in Bulldog territory. But Stonington fumbled the ball again, and Westerly was given another possession. On the first play of the new drive, Turano burst free with a 96 yard touchdown to make it 35-0. Toward the end of the quarter, Lacerte fumbled the ball, but recovered it in the endzone to send the the Bulldogs to the locker room with a 41-0 lead.

Many spectators left at the half due to the freezing conditions of the game. But those who stayed saw Tristan Turano score his final high school touchdown in the third quarter. Brutcher and Valentin added touchdowns of their own in the third quarter.

As the final buzzer sounded, a celebration occurred on the field that was too cold for cleats. The 61-0 win is second only to Westerly’s 122-0 win in 1917 as the most lopsided game, and Turano’s 31 points were the most by a player in the history of the rivalry. The celebration was well deserved, as Westerly had been dominating their competition all year. Despite the late stumbles in the Burrillville and Woonsocket games, the Bulldogs bounced back and closed out this memorable season the right way.

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