WHS Changes the Senior Research Paper

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WHS Changes the Senior Research Paper

Adrianna Turano, Staff Reporter

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As one of the graduation requirements at Westerly High School, student’s have been asked to write a research paper that connects to their senior project. In the past, this paper has been five to eight pages and consists of information that relates to their senior project and draws out a specific conclusion.
This year, the English department has decide to change the way the research paper is written. This is a result of the main focus of the paper being the formatting, grammar, and length, rather than the actual research component.
This year, seniors will be asked to conduct research and display it in a way that emphasizes the information gained as opposed to a formal research paper.
The formatting for this years senior paper will consist of setting an intention, rationale, and evidence driven-focus question. The intention includes the reasoning as to why the student chose a specific topic and may help one prepare for their future career.
The next stage, rationale, includes researching and finding new solutions to their wonders. The product will be split into three sections with different purposes including: contextual backdrop, literatur review, and synthesis and conclusions.
Meeting the requirements for these three sections will earn student a grade of proficient, but to earn distinction, the student must go beyond the guidelines. A few examples of ways to earn distinction would be by creating a formal research paper, creating a narrative video essay, or a Ted-Talk simulation.
Overall, WHS is finding new ways to better the education of it’s student body, and this is on change that will take time to improve upon. All the student’s can do is try their best and put in maximum effort to pass the senior paper and move on to graduating.

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