Take Care of Yourself this Fall

Brandon Perrone, Staff Reporter

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Since September 22nd (the first day of fall), you may have felt less energetic and a little more irritable. This is mainly due to the fact that Summer is over, and school is beginning, which usually signals an end to fun and the sun, or some combination of both. But fret not, reader, as I am here to cure your seasonal blues, with my top four tips to make your fall more enjoyable, and take care of yourself in the process.

1. Wash your hands and stay clean!
According to statista.com, about 11% of Americans were sick with a cold in January of 2016 and 4% had the flu. While these numbers don’t sound very intimidating, I have personally observed many sick classmates over the past few weeks, with the viruses spreading easily through sports functions and classrooms. Even I was not immune to the common cold. My best advice, and I’m not a doctor, would be to frequently wash your hands, not share drinks/food, and stay warm when outdoors. Having a sore throat, an incessant cough, and a nose dripping faster than Niagara Falls certainly isn’t fun, so make sure to use common sense and stay clean.

2. Get Involved!
There are many programs and activities to participate in to get you out of your house and interacting with other students. Some winter sports include swimming, indoor track, and basketball. If those aren’t your forte, then there is also ice skating, and you could always go bowling. It is important to be out and about and interacting people, as the winter usually comes along with dreary moods. Being around other people participating in sports will promote camaraderie and a healthy lifestyle.

3. Get outside!
With the leaves falling and more often than not, snow, go outside and experience the bounty of nature! Jump in a pile of leaves! Build a snowman! The outdoors have so much to offer not only in summer, but in fall and winter. It is really easy to sit inside, watching YouTube and Netflix, but your phone’s screen can’t accurately recreate seeing the different hues the trees in your neighborhood have, or a squirrel up to no good in the park. Experience the beauty of nature this fall, and it will make you appreciate the season more.

4. Read The Barker!
This is probably the most crucial tip. The Barker has the hottest, freshest stories from some of the best writers in Westerly High School. Make sure to check it out daily.

With all that being said, I hope that I could give a couple of tips to make my personal favorite time of year yours as well. Fall and winter don’t have to be a season of depression and boredom (contrary to what most of literature will tell you). Getting involved and outside while staying healthy the whole time will make the wait for summer vacation much easier, and you will be relaxing on the beach again in no time.

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