Halloween 2018 a Worthy Successor to its Namesake

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Halloween 2018 a Worthy Successor to its Namesake

Cody Matson, Senior

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The film Halloween (2018), directed by David Gordon Green, continues the chilling story of notorious serial killer Michael Myers’ pursuit of Laurie Strode.

Once again, Universal Pictures has distributed an excellent sequel to the original 1978 film. Ignoring the messy sequence of sequels made after the original, this rated-R film takes place 40 years after Myers’ first attempt to murder Laurie Strode on Halloween night.

Jamie Lee Curtis returns to play Strode, as well as Nick Castle returning as Michael Myers. In the new film, a few new characters step into the scene, including Laurie’s daughter, Karen Strode (Judy Grier) and granddaughter Allyson Strode (Andi Matichak).

It has been 40 years since that night, and Meyers is locked up in a mental institution but escapes when a bus carrying him and many other inmates crashes on the side of the road. He then begins to hunt for Laurie, who had been preparing for Michael’s escape for the last 40 years and is waiting for him to find her so she can kill him. After Michael steals his mask back by killing the two journalists it was in the possession of, he goes off on another legendary killing spree that is both chilling and captivating throughout the entire movie. A keen eye can see Myers walking (and killing) in the background of many scenes at the beginning of the film after his escape.

Although this movie was terrifying from start to finish, some comedic elements lowered the audience’s blood pressure, only to be brought back up by the next jump scare or slaughtering.

While still using the same soundtrack and mask from the original film, and even referencing a couple of the old scenes, these remastered elements only add to the film while making viewers remember the horror of the original.

David Gordon Green also uses foreshadowing to add an artistic element to the film when one of Allyson Strode’s friends uses a firework to blow up a pumpkin towards the beginning of the movie.

This film is a 4/5 stars. With many references to the first movie, a thrilling plot, and blood chilling horror, this sequel complements the first movie while creating a whole new horror film that is independent of the one before it and can be watched and enjoyed by anyone, regardless of whether or not they’ve seen the 1978 film.

Overall, Halloween was a spectacular film that I would recommend to anyone wanting to leave the theater with their heart pounding.

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