Class of 2022 Elect Their First Class Officers

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Class of 2022 Elect Their First Class Officers

Freshmen cast their ballots for their new class officers.

Freshmen cast their ballots for their new class officers.

Freshmen cast their ballots for their new class officers.

Freshmen cast their ballots for their new class officers.

Alex Celico, Staff Reporter

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Today, seven freshmen students faced their peers on the Ward auditorium’s stage for the freshman class elections.

Each student presented her class with a speech that explained the future of WHS if she were part of the “Westerly High School Government.”  The students who ran were Sienna Fusaro, Chiara Andrews, Cassie Bertsch, Julia Baruti, Maddie Faubert, Jillian Octeau, and Olivia Lund.

Since the students running for President and Treasurer were unopposed, Fusaro automatically became President and Bertsch automatically became Treasurer.

“We really hope to foster a community of students that want to work together and help their class. These will be your officers who will be the faces of your class council but we invite anyone and everyone to attend the class council meetings. Even though these are the people who are being elected into those spots doesn’t mean that they are the only people who are gonna represent your class.” Mrs. Fusaro, one of the Freshman class advisors and WHS guidance counselors stated as she was introducing the soon-to-be class council.

Sienna Fusaro, who was unopposed as President, spoke first. She said that she is looking forward to be the President of the Class of 2022. “I chose to run for President because I feel that I am a good fit for the role. I look forward to planning activities for the class.” She stated in her speech.

Cassie Bertsch was not present at the election so she did not get a chance to speak. She was also automatically to be Treasurer due to running unopposed.

Julia Baruti, who was running unopposed as well for Social Chairperson, spoke after Fusaro. She said, “I’m very excited to be your Social Chairperson and help organize activities for this class.”

After Baruti was Maddie Faubert, who was also running unopposed for Student Council Representative. She explained, “I’m very happy to be your Student Council Representative because now I have a say in things for you guys!”

Next, Chiara Andrews, who was running for Vice President, presented her speech. She was running against Jillian Octeau and Olivia Lund. “I know that our [Freshman] grade is the best, but I want the rest of this school to know it too!” She said in her speech. “For that to happen, you are gonna need a strong government to help you get there. As Vice-President, I promise to be fair and honest at all times. My main goal is to put our class first and get what we need and want in order to make our mark here at WHS.” She ended her speech with, “On Election Day, please vote ‘Chiara Andrews for Vice-President’ on your ballot.”

The others running for Vice-President spoke directly after.

Jillian Octeau stated, “I’m running for Vice-President for the Class of 2022. I know that seems really far away. Over the next few years, I want everyone’s voice to be heard. I want your opinion on everything. I want to keep things going in the right direction and make every day a great day.”

Last but not least, Olivia Lund presented her speech. “I see myself as a dedicated worker; I try to stay organized and get everything done on time. I decided to run for Vice-President because I thought it would be a really good opportunity to get better involved in our class. I will help out to create fundraisers for our class so we can do stuff together at the end of the year or at least have a head start on fundraising for years to come.” She stated, “I am willing to dedicate my time to this position and to this class.”

Mrs. Fusaro, Mrs. Octeau, and Mr. Gleason, who are the Freshman class advisors had a few closing remarks. “We’ve already been talking about some possible fundraisers once the elections are complete and everyone is settled, we will probably be doing a fundraiser hopefully before Christmas this year.” Mrs. Fusaro stated, bouncing off Olivia Lund’s speech. “That is why it’s so important to be connected with us as far as communication because the only way that stuff like fundraising is going to be successful is if the entire class participates.”

Later that day, the results of the election were announced. This year’s Freshman Class Officers are:
Sienna Fusaro: President
Chiara Andrews: Vice-President
Treasurer: Cassie Bertsch
Social Chairperson: Julia Baruti
Student Council Representative: Maddie Faubert
Communications Secretary: Jillian Octeau
Recording Secretary: Olivia Lund

Congratulations to the Class Officers for the Freshman class of 2022!

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