Goosebumps II a Disappointing Effort

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Goosebumps II a Disappointing Effort

Anna Laquerre, Junior

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After watching the movie Goosebumps 2 directed by Ari Sandel, I can easily say that the film deserves no more than two and a half stars.

I was a fan of the first movie, Goosebumps, starring Jack Black, but after seeing the second movie, that does also feature Jack Black, the overall plot was a bit disappointing.

It takes place around ten years after the events from the original movie when a group of kids explore the artifacts of an abandoned house that they came across while biking down the roads of their neighborhood, only these artifacts are what leads them into trouble. Trouble that involves a talking dummy, named Slappy, and a mysterious cursed book written by Jack Black’s character in the original.

A creature written in the book escapes into the lives of the three unfortunate teen boys who are faced with the challenge to capture these creatures and make sure it never happens again.

During some scenes, for example when the boys come upon the abandon house, the film resembles scenes from the movie IT, and continuously has the same type of mysterious tone as Stranger Things. Being a fan of both of these productions, I assumed that the movie was going to be a better quality film. Unfortunately I was a bit let down.

I feel as if the beginning of the movie lacked character development and was rushed into the climax, and without the foundation of a sturdy beginning to the film, the climax wasn’t that great. The director does not allow enough time for the audience to feel a connection to the characters leading to the basis of a film’s emotional reactions severely lacking.

In addition, the performances of main characters like Madison Iseman and Chris Parnell lacked personality making it difficult for me to be drawn in to the films content.   Jack Black and the voice of Avery Jones, however, kept the audience laughing.

As far as the rating goes, I do agree that the movie should be rated PG. Even though there may be a few jump-scares, the jokes made between characters is definitely fit a younger crowd’s tastes.

There are just enough action shots to keep an audience interested in the content towards the middle of the movie, but it wasn’t exactly a “on the edge of my seat, eyes glued to the screen” type of movie either.

Would I recommend my friends to see this film in theatres? Probably not, but if you are interested in watching a fun spooky movie before Halloween, Goosebumps 2 isn’t a bad choice.

Overall, the film was lacking content needed to engage the audience but at the same time it didn’t stop me from enjoying my time at the theater.

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