Win, Rinse, Repeat for Westerly as the Bulldogs Trounce Mt. Hope

Bulldog victory clinches home playoff game

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Win, Rinse, Repeat for Westerly as the Bulldogs Trounce Mt. Hope

Andrew Fiore, Staff Reporter

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When Westerly jumps on a team, they do it early. So far this year, the Bulldogs have outscored their opponents 102-0 in the first quarter.

The Bulldogs jumped out on Mt. Hope when the snap sailed over the head of the Huskies punter after a 4th down. This gave the Bulldogs excellent field position and it enabled Tristan Turano, who was recruited by URI on Saturday, to score his first touchdown of the game.

Later, the Bulldogs again reached the red zone, but they were held up with a fourth and six. This gave Coach Miranda a tough decision to make; should the Bulldogs go for a first down and risk giving up possession, or should they kick a field goal? Miranda made what turned out to be the right decision as Turano got the first down, and Jalen Valentin scored a play later.

Mt. Hope used a long run to reach the red zone for their first time, but when the quarterback threw the ball up to the endzone, it was Isaiah Luzzi who brought it down instead. “I think Isaiah Luzzi had a great game out there,” Miranda commented later.

The Bulldogs scored again, and then three more times.

Luzzi’s pick wasn’t the only interception of the game. John Brutcher made an athletic play to pick off the Huskies’ quarterback. On the ensuing possession, Tristan Turano broke the 1000 yard mark for the season before the Bulldogs scored again.

The band, flag team, and cheerleaders showed their usual brilliance during halftime, but after that, much of the crowd left. Although some people think that these blowout games aren’t exciting enough to watch until the end, Westerly supporters should be enjoying this success while it lasts.

“It’s something that doesn’t happen often and it can go away really, really quick,” is what Miranda thinks of this start.

The Bulldog players have enjoyed it, but they are very focused on correcting their mistakes.

“We want to try to be perfect on every play,” Miranda stated. However, he wants this to be a special time for his team. “I told the kids ‘Don’t be so focused on the end result that we can’t enjoy the successes that we are having now.’ For us to be 6-0 right now, I want our kids to be able to sit back and smile and soak that all in.”

With this huge win, the Bulldogs secured a home playoff game in Westerly for the first time since 2011. This truly is turning out to be a historic season for Westerly.

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