The New Predator Misses the Mark

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The New Predator Misses the Mark

Sam Lutzel, Senior

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The film, The Predator, directed by Shane Black, is a thrilling sci-fi movie of alien creatures coming down to Earth during an intergalactic chase.

The R-rated film contains a variety of witty actors including Olivia Munn, Boyd Holbrook, Keegan-Michael Key, Thomas Jane and Sterling Brown and was produced by Davis Entertainment and and distributed by 20th Century Fox.

Central to the film are the duo of Keegan-Michael Key and Thomas Jane, who provide comedic relief throughout the entirety of the film, which, to me, was too much.  The original predator film was filled with intense moments of chase, gunfire, suspense, blood, and lastly, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The 2018 opening scene begins with the predator in a spacecraft chased through space by another spacecraft. After creating and using a wormhole, The predator is sent to Earth where the ship is immediately caught in the gravity and crash lands on Earth. This is where the main character, Boyd Holbrook, first comes in contact with the predator during a hostage situation. After crashing on Earth, Boyd approaches one of the escape pods where he finds the predators face mask and arm band. After putting both pieces of equipment in his bag, he briefly encounters the predator and escaped. Boyd gets to safety and sends the package containing the mask and arm band back to his P.O. box.

Eventually, the United States Army finds out that Boyd Holbrook’s character did in fact see an alien, putting him onto a bus to be examined. Boyd Holbrook’s son then get ahold of his package with the predator’s gauntlet and causes it to send a ping out with its location. This causes another predator to land on Earth in order to retrieve the gauntlet. This new and larger predator then must fight the original on Earth during the search for the missing pieces of equipment. In order to keep his son alive, Boyd Holbrook and the other men on the bus with him, decide to team up and fight the predator.

In my opinion, this film only gets three stars.

The film is not at all what I expected, especially after seeing the original with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The guts and gore along with language prove the film should be rated R and a big reason why many people like the franchise. However, the suspense in this version did not exist at all. There is only one instance of suspense which is when the predator escapes from a medical laboratory. The rest of the film is filled with comedy to the point where it is irritating. The movie is never serious and not as thrilling as it should be or could be.

The plot of the movie is also incredibly difficult to follow. Throughout the movie, there seems to be pieces missing in which the audience must think about what just happened and piece it along. However, the movie moves so quickly that the audience ends up missing a piece of the movie that is critical to the plot creating even more confusion. During the film, I had to stop and think about what just happened especially since the movie appears to be so choppy.

The addition of pets in the movie is also annoying. The first appearance of these pets in the movie did get me excited. However, the scene in which they were used did not (saying as little as possible due to possible spoiler).

The relationships between the characters were also nonexistent. The possibility of someone dying did not scare me or worry me a little. If they died, I was able to shake it off in the matter of seconds, proving that I was not connected to the characters throughout the film.

Another problem with the film was the lack of tension building. Within the original Predator, the sight of the creature is used, and the thermal vision is seen through the eyes of the predator. The 2018 version has very little predator sights and does not build up tension.

In addition, the chase is one main point of the Predator films. The predator is supposed to hunt down its prey, taking one person down at a time, causing the group to slowly dwindle. Instead of seeing this happen, the predator kills almost the entirety of the group within minutes, stopping any tension-building.

However, the computer graphics used to create the predators were put together extremely well. The overall look of the predator definitely matched what the predators were supposed to look like.

Overall, The Predator, to me, failed to meet my expectations in regards to the original film.

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