Senior Halloween Party a Scary Good Time

The early date didn't dampen the Halloween fun

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Senior Halloween Party a Scary Good Time

Marissa Berardo, Staff Reporter

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Food wasn’t the only scary thing in the cafeteria on October 20th, as the senior class celebrated their Halloween party from 7:00-10:00pm. The night featured a costume contest and a themed playlist.

For five dollars or a large bag of candy, seniors gained entry and were greeted at the door by a mechanical grim reaper. The cafeteria was transformed by the senior class officers and other volunteers. Class of 2018 Advisors Mrs. Tallardy and Mrs. Perrin chaperoned, as did Ms. Barnhart, Ms. Fastovsky, and Mr. Luppe.

Decorations included colored string and strobe lights, fake candles, police caution tape, hay bales, holographic pictures, hanging spiders, skeletons, and a scarecrow with a severed head. The tables were pushed to the sides and hidden by spiderwebs. Refreshments, such as fruit punch, pizza, and candy were available.

Senior Quinn Urbonas said, “The decorations are wild, but I’m a bit biased because I helped.”

Theresa Spear

Creative costumes included the Phantom of the Opera, a biohazard costume, a flapper, a Oujia board, serial killers in dresses, a dog, a police officer, three blind mice, a sailor, a nurse, and a construction worker. Even Mr. Grimes attended, dressed as a cowboy.

The costume contest featured categories for best group, best couple, most original, least original, funniest costume, and scariest costume. Winners were entitled to the candy used for admission. There was also a contest to guess the amount of candy corn in a jar.

Music generally followed the Halloween theme, although there were exceptions. Classics such as “Monster Mash,” “Time Warp,” “Thriller,” “Highway to Hell,” and “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” were played, along with techno dance music and other genres. There was no DJ.

The annual Halloween Party brings the senior class together in a festive mood. This year was certainly no exception, as a fun night was provided

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