Fall Means it’s Time to Layer-up your Fashion

Jillian Ferraro, Staff Reporter

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Fall is the time of year that rolls around where leaves are not the only things that are  changing. With the weather cooling down, Halloween approaching, and Clyde’s season upon us, students have to accommodate for the chill of the new season by altering their everyday wardrobe choices.

Popular fashion trends this season include cardigans, bomber jackets, and jean skirts. This transition time between two seasons can be difficult to stay warm while wearing fashionable outfits. Adding layers to any look can consist of a flannel, sweater, or cardigan. Accessorising with knee high socks, and scarves can make an outfit more intricate and bold while staying warm at the same time. Students at WHS have been dressing to impress and displaying their latest fall outfits. All while staying warm and adapting to the temperature alterations.

How students dress for this time of year is fascinating to see, while they compensate for the dropping temperatures.  Juniors Adrianna Turano and Cassie Mitchell displaying their fall outfits for the new season. Turano paired a black off the shoulder blouse with rolled up denim jeans.  To tie the outfit together, she matched black open toed heels with the look.  Mitchell is wearing a flowy dress with detail embellishes paired with mid black boots.  She added earrings to give the outfit an even bolder look.

According to www.businessinsider.com, fashion trends this season include all types of styles from various fabrics to layers and accessories.Statistics show that velvet is a popular trend this fall, which has increased by 31% since last year.  It can be specifically be styled into dresses and jackets.  Plaid is incorporated into outfits during this time of year and is worn by both males and females.Colored plaid shirts and coats are a go to layering option. Embroidery is also a popular fabric trend for fall and is widely worn.  Generally speaking, it is common to be styled into a dress, shirt, or jacket such as in floral patterns. Vintage styled clothing is making an appearance this season which includes jackets and coats made of faux furs.

With a new time of year and inconsistent temperatures, students will have to drastically alter their outfit choices. Fall offers new festivities and holidays as well as changes in  temperatures but brings so many different possibilities to the table when it comes to outfit options.

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