Spirit Week Promises to be a Unifying Event

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Spirit Week Promises to be a Unifying Event

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Marissa Berardo, Staff Reporter

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It’s all about Bulldog pride and school spirit for the next two weeks, as the WHS Pep Club sponsors Spirit Week and the Pep Rally.

Spirit Week occurs from Tuesday, November 15 through Wednesday, November 23. Each day of Spirit Week encompasses a different theme chosen by the Senior Pep Club. Students may dress or accessorize according to the suggested themes. As usual, however, each outfit must abide by the school dress code.

Spirit Week kicks off on Tuesday with “Dress Down Day.” On this day, students have the option to dress especially comfortably. Think: sweatpants, loungewear, sneakers, and the like.

The second day, Wednesday, November 16, is “Black Out Day.” You guessed it — you’re encouraged to wear as much black as humanly possible (but no face paint.)

“America Day,” is Thursday, November 17. Students are invited to show pride for our country by wearing the nation’s colors: red, white, and blue (or any combination thereof.) Be careful not to treat the United States flag disrespectfully, however. For example, the student handbook prohibits wearing the flag as a cape.

The fourth day of Spirit Week, Friday, November 18, is “Tacky Hawaiian Tourist Day.” An example of an outfit for this day might consist of a colorful, floral shirt, some variation of khaki pants, and a disposable camera or a fake-flower lei to hang around the neck. Be creative!

The Homecoming Dance takes place on Saturday, November 19, from 7:00 to 10:00 in the Ward Gymnasium. It is sponsored by the Student Council.

Spirit Week continues on Monday, November 21 with “Class Color Day.” Each grade is assigned a particular color: red for freshmen, neon pink for sophomores, white for juniors, and navy for seniors.

“Mismatch Day” on Tuesday, November 22, invites students to wear mismatching colors or patterns.

It all concludes on Wednesday, November 23, which is “Blue and White Day,” and also the day of the Pep Rally.

The Pep Rally will be held in the Ward Gymnasium from 12:00 to 2:00 on the 23rd. It is sponsored by the Pep Club, which has approximately 110 members this year.

The Pep Club advisor for the past three years has been Olivia Romeo, a college student who graduated from WHS in 2013. Romeo is going to school for Event Planning, so organizational skills are right up her alley. “I love planning events, and I love the end result,” said Romeo. “Each year, we have a successful rally, and my goal is to just have everything in order and make sure everybody is having fun.”

At the rally, students will sit in sections of the gym according to their class year. Two of the Pep Club members will serve as the Masters of Ceremony at the event. The rally begins with an introduction of the fall sports teams. Next is a grand entrance for the football team in which senior Pep Club members escort each player into the gym.

According to Romeo, the rally may also include videos, skits, gifts for the football players, and crowd activities. In addition, the cheerleaders will perform two to three times, with further performances by the WHS Marching Band, Danceline, and Color Guard. The goal is to mobilize school spirit before the Turkey Day football game, which is the culmination of Spirit Week.

When the Bulldogs take the field on Thanksgiving Day, it is hoped that the student body will be fired up and unified.

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