Administration Decision to Eliminate February Break Proves Appropriate

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In the debate regarding whether or not to eliminate February vacation for the 2016-2017 school year was the best decision, the School Committee decided to shut the door on the unnecessary, traditional break at their meeting on March 2, 2016.

The decision was made in collaboration with the Westerly Teacher’s Association in order to best serve the interest of all learners. Though this decision may not appeal to the entire student body, it is in fact for the best.

There is very little school time between the December and February breaks.

Immediately after the December break, students begin preparing for exams. The exams take place, and then students receive two weeks of instruction before another hiatus. This break is disruptive to the process of learning.

While it is true that exams are stressful, they end by 10:30 each day, and thus, students essentially have the remainder of the day off. Why then would you provide students with a week off three weeks later?

Furthermore, unless one is traveling over the break, there are few activities in the town of Westerly that are intriguing to the teenage population. This results in the majority of students spending more time in bed, watching television, or just being lazy, which is detrimental.

There was never a good reason for winter break to begin with. Some have argued that it provides students with an opportunity to make up missed work; however, students should complete the work when it is due to begin with, and it is the beginning of a semester so there should not be work to make up anyway.

Another argument is that at this point in the winter, students are often ill and could use the extra week of rest. Although, with many students traveling during the vacation, there are in fact more people sick following the break.

Finally, students will return to school after Labor Day this year, providing them with an additional week of summer. This is a much better option than a cold, dreary, uneventful week off in February.



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