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What to Do to Get Ready for College Series

PART 1: Pick Schools to Which You Want to Apply

Megan Roy, Editor

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It’s never too early to start thinking about your future, especially when senior year is already here. The process of applying to college is essential to succeeding in the future, so I’m here to guide you as far as what should be, and needs to be, done.

Hopefully all of you have narrowed down your lists as far as where you want to apply. Keep in mind, having safety, target and reach schools, in regard to both affordability and acceptance, is essential. So what does that mean? Simply stated, a safety school is one in which you exceed all of the standards and requirements for that school, for example, with GPA and standardized testing scores. A target school, is one in which you meet all of the criteria specific to that school’s guidelines. And a reach school, is one in which you do not quite meet every requirement for acceptance, or one that accepts an exceptionally low number of students.

Using the easily accessible university’s Net Price Calculator, will determine an estimation of what attending this college may cost you. This can be found under the financial aid category on the school’s website. Every school is different, so make sure you do this for every school you plan to apply to. Typically speaking, the University of Rhode Island, or Rhode Island College, both of which are state schools, have cheaper tuition than both private universities or out of state schools.

Still confused about where to apply? Westerly High School’s here to help! Check with the guidance office to see which college representatives will be visiting this Fall, starting September 14th. Meeting with these representatives will clarify any questions you may have regarding their school. It is almost like the school is coming to you personally, so be sure to gather any information you may have been unaware of prior to the visit, whether it be in regards to a major, scholarship opportunities, or the school’s atmosphere. During your time with the representative, it is also important to introduce yourself, and connect with them personally, in order to establish a relationship and create a good first impression.

Continue checking The Barker’s website, for follow-up articles concerning the college application processes.

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What to Do to Get Ready for College Series